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Walter BrueggemannGreat video of Walter Brueggemann discussing his new book:

Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks.

Paperback:  Eerdmans, 2014
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This book is one of our New Book Releases to Watch for this week

Books by Walter Brueggemann

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Barna Frames

I’m very intrigued by the newly released collection of 9 little books in the Barna Frames series…

The series positions itself as an introduction to 9 crucial issues of our time, written by some of the sharpest thinkers around…

The books are:
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The Pope who Quit (One Year Ago)



 Jon M. Sweeney


Jon M. SweeneyI woke up on February 11, 2013 and was as shocked as everyone else. At least for the first few seconds.

By 10:30am I was sitting in the offices of CBS News in Chicago, being interviewed by Jay Levine for the evening news. He was asking a lot of questions about my book published a year earlier, The Pope Who Quit. What did I know? When did I know it? I didn’t predict that this would happen, I told Jay. I simply suggested that it could happen. There was a precedent, and there were signs.

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Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove


Amazon ImageJonathan Wilson-Hartgrove recently paid a visit to Englewood Christian Church to discuss his latest book:

Strangers At My Door: A True Story of Finding Jesus in Unexpected Guests.

Paperback: Convergent Books, 2013
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Pete Seeger

When I heard the news this morning that Pete Seeger had died yesterday, I was reminded of this video that was filmed with our friends at the Bruderhof less than a year ago…

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January 15 marks the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Mainstream American culture tends to have a narrow view of King’s work, limited primarily to his leadership in the Civil Rights movement. However, King’s vision was rooted in the desire for a beloved community in which not only were all people equal, but in which all violence, poverty and injustice were abolished — a vision that flowed from King’s deep faith in the life and teachings of Jesus.  In the following slideshow, we introduce the breadth of King’s prophetic faith, by means of 15 memorable quotes.

Please download and share these slides on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. as you see fit…

[ The Essential Box Set of King's Speeches and Sermons ]

Martin Luther King


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Which of these quotes from Martin Luther King
speaks to you most powerfully?

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Gregory Walter

Down in the Fragile Connections and Networks of Life

An Interview with Gregory Walter about his new book:
Being Promised: Theology, Gift, and Practice

(Eerdmans 2013)


Interviewed by Chris Enstad

Gregory Walter’s book is small but has vast consequences for the church in our understanding of grace as a gift especially when it comes to the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Walter walks us through a spectacular set-up for the Eucharist beginning with the meaning of “promise” and “gift”, promise AS gift, the weakness and fragility of the Gift and all leading up to a brilliant topology of promise particularly as it relates to the Eucharist. The very recitation of the words, “In the night in which He was betrayed” set us up as a community for the act of promise in the midst of betrayal. The meaning of this gift is, then, left not up to us as we are wont to do but up to *God*. This whole line of theology, if followed, promises (!) to enact another reformation in our understanding of promise, gift, the neighbor and God.


Walter took some time to answer a few questions about his work for us:
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J.R.R. Tolkien

Today is the birthday of novelist J.R.R. Tolkien …

And in commemoration, we offer these recordings of Tolkien reading from The Lord of the Rings!

Lord of the Rings
J.R.R. Tolkien

50th Anniversary Hardback Edition
HMH Books, 2004
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What is Slow Reading?

December 27, 2013 — Leave a comment


Our 2013 Book of the Year is Slow Reading in a Hurried Age by David Mikics.

(It was not the only book on Slow Reading released this year, I reviewed another one here.)

[ Our Full List of 2013's Best Books ]

At the heart of this book, lie 14 rules that define the practice of Slow Reading. We offer these rules here, with brief elaborations from Mikics’s book.

(Presenting these rules in this slideshow format seems to go against the grain of Slow Reading. We do so only with the hope that this representation will entice you to immerse yourself in a slow and careful reading of the full book!)

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David Bentley Hart


We are Meant to Play and Create

An Interview with David Bentley Hart,
Author of The Experience of God
(Yale UP, 2013)

by Todd Edmondson

Amazon ImageSince his first book-length publication, 2003’s The Beauty of the Infinite, David Bentley Hart has established himself as one of the most exciting and eloquent voices in Christian thought. His subsequent books have explored a diverse set of concerns, and each new, eagerly anticipated release invites readers to engage more deeply with matters of faith as well as the cultural streams in which we live and move. Following the publication of his most recent work, The Experience of God, Mr. Hart was gracious enough to participate in a conversation, via email, about his work. What follows is a transcription of that conversation.

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